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ChillAway Travel is temporarily suspending operations due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19.   

ChillAway is offering two exciting trips this fall: Republic of Georgia, and Thailand. 

From September 23-October 6th, the grape harvest season, we’ll be enjoying the wines, cuisine, and breathtaking beauty of the Republic of Georgia, a destination on the cusp of discovery by the world’s travel community.   Georgians are proud of their delicious and unique dishes, made with locally sourced, all natural ingredients.   Over the centuries, Georgia’s location on the Silk Road created a melting pot of great cuisines, combining the best foods and traditions from both East and West.   Their viticulture  and wine production date back over 8,000 years, but are just now taking their rightful place on the world stage.  To discover more….

Thailand is our favorite country for many reasons.  From November 5-18, we’ll explore sophisticated Bangkok and the beautiful mountainous northern provinces of Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son.   From the shimmering beauty of Siamese architecture to the complexity of Thai cuisine, Thailand is a revelation, a feast for the senses.  Prepare to immerse yourself in the visual magic of Thailand’s exotic sights, and the friendliness of its people.  You’ll reinvent your definition of Thai food—it’s so much more than pad thai!  To discover more….