Joanne H.

A sunset feast while cruising the Mekong river; discovering edible Jasmine flowers, amok, pork floss, Khmer barbecue; staring wide-eyed at red ant offerings on my dinner plate and wondering if I could eat them (I did); tearing in front of Cambodian artist Em Riem’s haunting burlap-bag canvas portraiture paintings of Khmer Rouge victims; winding through the astonishing ruins at Angkor Wat (and other temples); philosophizing on a hilltop about a distant gigantic, disintegrating reclining Buddha; climbing an ever-narrowing stairwell cased inside a three-headed elephant sculpture; learning the art of lotus flower folding; frequent tuk-tuk rides alongside countless families of four riding together on the same motorcycle; and luxuriating in hotels with over-the-top amenities and the kindest of staff.

Thank you, Judy and Emil for these and other remarkable experiences.  You two thought of everything!