about us

We’re an Austin artist and chef couple who’ve recently turned our focus towards our passion:  travel.   Exploring the world and sampling different cultures has always fascinated us. We were backpackers in our younger days, and the adventurous love of travel has stayed with us.  But we’re not into roughing it anymore—been there, done that.

For almost 20 years our primary interest has been Southeast Asia, but we love to venture off beaten paths everywhere in the world.   Searching out atmospheric hotels, spectacular sights, and the best dishes in the best restaurants is a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Our tour travel philosophy is “less is more.”  Why see so many sights they all blur together?   We select only the highlights of each location, and explore them in-depth.  To that, we add our favorite hotels—chosen for both service and atmosphere—and personally selected dining from a wide variety of traditional and modern restaurants.  Although we design most experiences, we leave our travelers time to venture out on their own, or to relax in their extraordinary surroundings.  Travel with us!   We’ll take care of everything.

  • Prefer to travel on your own?  We can custom-design a trip for you, complete with foreign airline bookings, airport transfers, hotel accommodations, guides, tours, and restaurant reservations.
  • Don’t mind making your own bookings, but need some help planning your trip?   Consult with us, and we’ll suggest hotels, sights, tours, and restaurants which fit your budget and your preferences.

Whatever your travel style, we’ll work with you to create singularly great experiences in the far corners of our beautiful planet.

Artist Judy Jensen was named Creative Ambassador to Thailand by the City of Austin for her ongoing art restoration project in a Buddhist temple in Mae Hong Son, Thailand.  She was awarded a  grant from Bangkok’s James H. W. Thompson Foundation for the project, and has exhibited and lectured internationally.  For more information on her work….

Chef Emil Vogely pioneered the culinary explosion in Austin with the opening of Jeffrey’s restaurant.  During his decades as executive chef, Vogely’s press included The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Texas Monthly, and NPR.