A sunset feast while cruising the Mekong river; discovering edible Jasmine flowers, amok, pork floss, Khmer barbecue; staring wide-eyed at red ant offerings on my dinner plate and wondering if I could eat them (I did); tearing in front of Cambodian artist Em Riem’s haunting burlap-bag canvas portraiture paintings of Khmer Rouge victims; winding through the astonishing ruins at Angkor Wat (and other temples); philosophizing on a hilltop about a distant gigantic, disintegrating reclining Buddha; climbing an ever-narrowing stairwell cased inside a three-headed elephant sculpture; learning the art of lotus flower folding; frequent tuk-tuk rides alongside countless families of four riding together on the same motorcycle; and luxuriating in hotels with over-the-top amenities and the kindest of staff.

Thank you, Judy and Emil for these and other remarkable experiences.  You two thought of everything!

Joanne H.

I loved every minute of ChillAway’s Cambodia and Thailand trip. We visited Angkor Wat, of course, in all its magnificence, but also other smaller, centuries-old temples, still mysteriously entwined in creepers and vines. We spent a morning at a stunning private art and antiquities collection that would have been difficult if not impossible to get into without connections. The dining—both upscale and down—was wonderful in both countries. And the hotels! They were not just beautifully designed but dedicated to creature comfort.


Pat S.