I thought the whole trip was as close to perfection as I could have asked.  The hotels were sublime, the food delicious, the logistics admirable, the activities satisfying. You and Emil had just the right touch—the right combination of stern and indulgent guardians who were always in control without being heavy about it. Somehow you even conjured entirely congenial [traveling] companions.  Well done.


Katy H.

Judy’s art expertise and Emil’s culinary background set a good stage for our adventure in Thailand. They are a fun-loving couple who are very thorough in planning and execution of details. They travel extensively in Southeast Asia, and that shines through their itinerary and in the special, out-of-the-way, extra things we saw and the restaurants we experienced.    The relatively small size of the group meant that no one was left out at any time, for inclusiveness is very important to Judy and Emil.  Their sense of caring was evident at the outset.

Jeanne B.